Protecting the Use of Images in Early Childhood Education

Keeping children safe is the utmost priority when it comes to childcare, and this extends to the use of images and video within your centre. This is why the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has developed the National Model Code and Guidelines regarding taking images in early childhood education and care on personal phones and devices.

At Save Our Service, as your trusted childcare recruitment agency, we ensure that we stay up to date with the latest national codes and guidelines to keep our partners in early childhood informed.

So, what is the National Model Code?

The National Model Code provides guidelines for educators to use when taking, sharing, and storing images and videos of children. It supports existing child safety practices and is aimed at services like long daycare, preschools, and kindergartens. However, all childcare services can adopt these guidelines.

Consent and Permissions:

  • Get clear consent from parents or guardians before taking any images or videos of children.
  • Document the consent and specify how the images will be used (e.g., for educational purposes or promotional material).

Storage and Security:

  • Use secure storage solutions for digital content, such as encrypted storage and restricted access.
  • Regularly audit storage practices to ensure compliance.

Sharing and Distribution:

  • Be cautious about how and where images are shared.
  • Ensure no personal information is disclosed and that the content respects the child’s privacy and dignity.

Policy and Training:

  • Develop clear policies regarding the use of images and videos.
  • Provide regular training for staff to understand and implement the guidelines effectively.

    Building a Child-Safe Culture

    Adopting the National Model Code helps early childhood education and care services create a child-safe environment. This approach protects children and builds trust with parents and guardians by prioritising their children’s safety.

    Supporting Existing Child Safety Strategies

    The National Model Code complements existing child safety activities and aligns with the National Quality Framework. By integrating these guidelines into your centres day to day activities, educators can enhance their commitment to child safety and maintain high standards of care.