Save Our Service at the Early Years Conference in Cairns

Championing Support for Indigenous Communities

We proudly attended the Early Years Conference in Cairns, showcasing our unwavering commitment to supporting the Early Childhood sector, and the Indigenous community in Australia.

The conference brought together educators and industry leaders to discuss key topics surrounding early childhood education, focusing on Indigenous children and their families.

Facilitating Quality Childcare

At Save Our Service (SOS), our purpose is to ensure that high quality childcare is accessible to all families in Australia, and we recognise the unique cultural heritage and educational needs of Indigenous children.

  • Culturally Aware: We hire educators who understand and respect different cultures, languages, and traditions. This ensures that they can provide inclusive and supportive learning environments.
  • Professional Development: Our training programs ensure that all our educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills to support different cultures.
  • Focus on Health and Wellbeing: Our SOS educators are trained to address physical, emotional, and mental health needs, incorporating cultural practices and beliefs into their care strategies.

Emphasising Indigenous Education at the Early Years Conference

The Early Years Conference focused on improving early childhood education for Indigenous children. The event featured sessions exploring challenges and opportunities in this area and included a moving performance by AFL Cape York House, showcasing Indigenous culture through dance.

As active sponsors, our SOS representatives networked with attendees interested in our services and the impact of placing socially aware educators in childcare settings.

By attending events like the Early Years Conference, we gain valuable insights on creating a more inclusive and supportive educational landscape for all children in Australia.

Moving forward

At SOS, we will continue to evolve our childcare recruitment strategies and training programs to meet the needs of Indigenous children. Through our ongoing efforts, we aim to build a brighter, more inclusive future for our next generation.