Paper Hand and Footprints – A Gift for Parents 

Creating hand and footprints with some paint and paper of the babies in your childcare centre makes for a beautiful gift for parents to cherish for many years. You can also get creative with these, for example cutting out a love heart and adding the hand and footprints on it! 

This keepsake is worth the little mess that it creates. 

What materials do you need? 

  • Non-toxic washable paint (variety of colours).
  • Large sheets of craft paper or cardboard.
  • Paint brushes and sponges.
  • Wet wipes or damp cloths for cleaning hands and feet.
  • Smocks or old shirts to protect clothing.
  • Markers or pens for labelling.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Decorative materials (optional, such as stickers, glitter, sequins).

How do you do it? 


  • Set up the activity area with tables covered in large sheets of craft paper or cardboard, ensuring a comfortable and safe space for babies.
  • Place the baby-safe paint, brushes, wet wipes, and other materials within easy reach of the educators.


  • Gently apply the paint to each baby’s hand or foot using soft brushes or sponge brushes.
  • Press the baby’s hand or foot firmly onto the craft paper or cardboard.
  • Use wet wipes or damp cloths to clean the baby’s hand or foot between prints.
  • Once the hand and footprints are dry, label them with the baby’s name and the date using markers or pens.

Distribute to Parents:

  • Organise a time for parents to pick up the keepsake or distribute them during a parent-teacher meeting or special events. 
  • For some added appreciation, and a brief note expressing appreciation, thanking parents for trusting you ask their child’s early childhood educator. 

Note: Ensure that all materials are baby safe, and non-toxic. Supervise closely to ensure the safety and comfort of the babies throughout the activity.