Colour Peg Matching 

The Colour Peg Matching activity transforms learning into an adventure, helping toddlers develop their colour recognition skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills through playful exploration and discovery.

What materials do you need? 

  1. Colourful pegs (red, blue, yellow, green, etc.)
  2. A3 colourful cards depicting the colours used in the game. 
  3. Large tray or container to hold pegs..
  4. Optional: Timer or stopwatch (for advanced play).

How to set up the activity: 

  1. Set up the colourful cards in the designated play area where toddlers can comfortably sit or stand around it.
  2. Place the colourful pegs in the large tray or container, ensuring they are easily accessible to the toddlers.

Activity Steps: 

  1. Introduction 
  • Gather toddlers around the pegboard. 
  • Introduce the activity by showing them the colourful pegs and explain that they will be matching the begs to the correct colours on the cards. 
  1. Demonstration 
  • Show the children how to pick up a peg and insert it onto the colourful card that it matches. 
  • Use one or two pegs as an example, showing the toddlers how to grasp the peg and place it on the correct card. 
  • Encourage the toddlers to watch closely and ask any questions if they have any. 
  1. Guided Practice 
  • Invite toddlers to take turns selecting a peg from the tray and find the matching colour cards. 
  • Provide help and guidance as needed. 
  • Encourage verbal communication by asking questions like “What colour is this?”, or “Can you find the card for the blue peg?”.
  1. Conclusion
  • Gather the toddlers together to conclude the activity. 
  • Review the colours they matched and praise their efforts. 
  • Encourage the toddlers to clean up by returning the pegs to the tray or container. 

Important note: Ensure supervision at all times to prevent toddlers from putting small objects like pegs into their mouths.