2024 Childcare Trends 

Now that we are well into 2024, we have discovered some wonderful trends that have helped to improve and transform childcare. At Save Our Service, we keep up to date with these trends to support our educators and clients. 

So, what is trending in 2024? 

  1. Integrating Technology: It is no secret that technology has become a huge part of our day to day lives, including in childcare. From digital platforms facilitating educator-parent communication, and the use of educational apps for learning. Technology has also become a big part of childcare recruitment, with APPs and Portals available, making finding educators and work in early childhood easier. 
  2. Focusing on Health, Learning and Development: Looking ahead, childcare trends will continue to explore early learning, child development, communication, and mental health, with a strong emphasis on understanding their impact on cultural and social diversity.
  3. Inclusivity: Childcare centres now foster inclusivity, one way to do this is by celebrating and organising activities for different cultural holidays. Australia is a multicultural country, so you are likely to have children of all cultures at your centre. This not only fosters a sense of belonging among children from various backgrounds but also promotes empathy, tolerance, and respect for others.
  4. Eco-Friendly Initiative: From using non-toxic cleaning products to implementing recycling programs, childcare centres are taking steps to minimise their environmental footprint. Outdoor nature-based activities are also gaining popularity, providing children with opportunities to connect with the natural world and develop a deeper appreciation for the environment.
  5. Casual Childcare Staffing: More childcare centres are seeing the need to have a pool of casual educators available for when they need to cover any shifts. That is where childcare recruitment agencies, like us at Save Our Service, come in hand. We have early childhood educators that are employed by us ready to take on any shift!

Staying aware of emerging trends in childcare is important for providing children with the best possible care. By embracing these trends, childcare providers can create inclusive, innovative, and supportive environments that empower children to thrive.