Writing a resume – Get your foot in the door

Your resume is an important tool for your job search. It highlights your strengths, skills, qualifications and abilities making you stand out as a candidate in a sea of many applicants. Therefore, helping your potential employers to hand pick who’s profile and experience best meets their business needs.

Your resume should be customised and individualised to the role you are applying for. It should showcase your strengths, skills and accomplishments, indicating to your potential employer that you are the ‘right’ match for the job and provide you with a foot-in-the-door for the next step in the recruitment stage.

Here are our tips on writing a “STAND-OUT” resume:

#1 Make sure your resume structure takes them on your career journey

  • Use the rule of thumb. Try to keep your resume to 2 pages in length, unless otherwise stated in the application process.
  • Career Objective. Your career objective is a statement highlighting your career strengths and defining your career goal.
  • Transferable Skills. Listing transferable skills on your resume allows you to market yourself to potential employers by highlighting your other relevant skills and showing them what you bring to the table, even if you aren’t the perfect match.
  • Qualifications. Use this section to display your unique qualifications and educational achievements.
  • Career Summary. When listing your professional experience, be sure to include the company name, your position and your time in that role and provide a summary of the role and the responsibilities and duties you undertook in that position.
  • Contact Information. It is important you put your current contact information such as; your mobile number, email address and mailing address, on your resume. Tip: depending on the position you are applying for you may like to use a more professional email address, for example bob.w.smith@gmail.com.

#2 Grammar and Punctuation

  • Be clear and concise. Recruiters want to know the facts about you. They do not want to read through dozens of pages to get to these facts, their time is important to them. Your resume should be written using simple and clear language in plain english.
  • Ensure you include points made in the job advertisement. Read the job application. When writing or reviewing your resume, ask yourself, have you covered everything that the potential employer has mentioned in the job advertisement?
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors. Always proofread your resume, looking for any errors and inconsistencies. We recommend using grammarly, a free online application, to help you finesse your writing skills.
  • Font, Style, Size, Headings and Spacing. Make your resume easy and more likeable to read by using a simple and clean font like Arial or Calibri, sized between 10.5pt and 11pt, clearly label each new section and use 1.15 spacing.

#4 Talk Skills

  • Highlight your skills. Computer genius? High customer centric focus? Conflict management resolution skills? Time management and planning skills? Or even your ability to multitask? Good written and oral communication? Make sure you let your potential employer know your skills.

#5 Always be honest

  • Tell the truth. Like a popular sales technique suggests, never over promise and under deliver. Most employers are flexible about their requirements and are more inclined to consider an applicant with the right attitude over their ability to meet all the role criteria.

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