How Can Casual Educators Benefit Your Centre? 

It is no secret that Australia is facing challenges in the field of early childhood education, one major issue is that childcare centres may fail to meet the required staffing ratios. This is where casual educators come in. 

At Save Our Service, we provide a pool of qualified and experienced casual educators ready to work at your childcare centre. By working with hundreds of centres, we understand that the role of a casual educator goes beyond just covering shifts, there are many other benefits that they can bring to your centre.  

Find Last Minute Replacements 

    Staffing can be unpredictable, so ensuring you have casual educators at your disposal ready to take on any shift can take the stress out of ensuring that you are always compliant with childcare regulations. Using childcare recruitment agencies like Save Our Service, can help your centre find last-minute replacements without any stress. 

    Flexibility in Staffing 

      Not only can casual educators cover last minute shifts, but they are also beneficial for any changing conditions, including fluctuating enrolments, or special events. This flexibility ensures that educator-to-child ratios are met. 

      Cost Efficient 

        Since centres will only pay for the hour’s worked, casual educators can help keep expenses at a low. By utilising casual educators, centres can maintain ratios while minimising overhead costs associated with full-time employment.

        Trial Casuals 

          Hiring casual educators also doubles as a trial period, allowing centres to see if an educator could be a long-term fit for them. Childcare centres can then request certain casual educators that are a good fit at their facility, having them on their books in case they ever need them to come into work at the last minute. 

          Provide Fresh Ideas

            Casual educators bring in some fresh perspective to your childcare centre. Offering new ideas and skill sets that you may not already have with your current staff. By learning from your casual educators, your centre may be able to introduce new activities, teaching methods and ideas that will ultimately help improve the quality of care in your centre. 

            For childcare centres seeking skilled and qualified casual educators, partnering with childcare recruitment agencies like Save Our Service can enhance efficiency. Contact us today to explore how our educators can benefit your childcare centre.